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Leonidio, the capital of South Kynouria and the historic capital of Tsakonia, dangles a stroll in front of the old mansions that retain their original architectural structure. There is also the famous Tower of Tsikaliotis from 1808, which is still imposing and dazzling the visitor’s eyes. Also, unalterable in memory will be the visit to the 6 old churches of the city and the Mills at the entrance of the city. The visitor can also enjoy the view of Kokkinovrachos where there is the ability of walking along the river and relaxing on the marble benches.

Well-known for customs, such as Easter balloons or the celebration of “Tsakonic Eggplant”, this small town is a pole of attraction for tourists who become familiar with our country’s tradition.


For the most adventurous, there is the “Climbing Park” in the area with a number of visitors every year. Climbers can choose among the many climbing routes on the red rocks of Leonidio and the wider area depending on the difficulty, making the experience accessible to the whole family. Walkers-Mountaineers can follow the local guides on organized routes.

We also work with groups interested in scuba diving as there is the possibility of practicing with a graduated diver that can provide up to 4 diplomas.


From “Porto Sabatiki”, guests can organize day trips to nearby villages; Poulithra or Fokianos with the pebbled beach∙ to the two well-known monasteries, the architecture of which is similar to Mount Athos – the monastery of the “Panagia of Elona“, which looks like hanging on an imposing rock and is 18 km away or the monastery of Agios Nikolaos (Sitza), which has access by car but at the same time is also a wonderful walking route.

Finally, among firs and chestnut trees is Kosmas, “the balcony of Kynouria”, a traditional village at an altitude of 1150m.

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